Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bless her heart she really is "diffrent"

So Sage ended up @ the Dr the next day, ear infection was still there but now both ears. She is on another antibiotic.As of today she is responding well but is having the side effects of this one bad ( bright red poop and yeasty looking diaper rash ). Maddie still croupy cough but took her to Dr today and both ears are clear, throat clear, lungs clear, it just seems to be post nasal drainage so no new meds ( THANK YOU GOD ). Kael is clearing his lungs out, 2 more days of the lower dosage of predasoine but his peak flow was 165 so whoo hoo. Finally got a full day w/o rain but it will be back tomorrow but bring on the rain and get rid of this pollen. We had OT Thursday and PT Friday, PT ( Mrs Betsy ) was amazed @ how well she has picked up everything but of course she now has Maddie going up stairs 1 foot on each stair but no holding the rails and that threw a big monkey wrench in it. She has classes for the next 2 weeks so no PT but she wants Maddie to work on kicking with left foot, balancing on one foot with no support and of course the stairs with no rail.

Hard to believe that in 2 weeks Maddie will have her pre school graduation ( where did the year go ?????) Sage is walking around the house pushing a stroller??? and we are down to less the 60 days before we move to Tornado Alley !!!!! I pulled a cake pan out tonight, said that's it I'm tired of taking up space but of course I balked, its a William Sonama that retails for $49.99 but was on clearance for $6, its little cars ( at the time Kael was all about Hot wheels ) and even though I have never ever made a "pretty" baked good I bought it and I tried to bake and the stuck and they were awful so back to today, before putting it in yard sale box I figure I will give it one more try......mmmmm no really I suck at this but there is no way you would ever be able to decorate these things even if they didn't stick or cook all the way through, so after it come out of the dish washer it will go to the yard sale pile, may some poor soul have better luck then I did. Now we move on to my commercial size deep fat fryer..............LOL, No really I have one .

You gotta love this look.....a dress with leggings, riding a bike with swim goggles on upside down and I'm pretty sure the shoes are on the wrong feet.....LOL, that's my Maddie


Bambi said...

Wish I were close enough for the yard sale...sounds like you'll have some pretty good deals between all of the kids stuff, stuff you bought on sale and hardly used and stuff you don't want to take out of Ohio...hope the rain washes away the pollen and that the kids remain as healthy as possible.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

I just hope I have enough room for it all.....LOL.....