Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update on Dr Appt

She agreed with me that its gotta be pollen so shes gonna redo the allergy test, just for trees and if it still comes back Neg she will then test the individual tree pollen. His flow was 130 when we got there ( last visit he was 170 ) so she gave him a Neb treatment and he blew a 150.....I now have a Peak flow meter and will have to test him am/pm, 3 times each and record the highest reading. She said the dose of predesoine the ER Dr gave us a prescrip for was for a 30lb boy, Kael is 46lb so she had to adjust that ( she said that was probably why he was at a flow of 130 ) We go back in 15 days for the testing. Sage was very cranky and sleepy during our appt, but it was hot so I figured maybe that was it but no shes running a temp, 101 when we got home, gave her Tylenol, at 8pm it was back up to 100.3......don't know what the deal is? Her top 2 teeth are coming in but I thought that was a old wives tale. Maddie has a croupy cough today but no other symptoms so maybe its just old drainage??? I hope....She has school tomorrow then OT, PT was pushed to Friday @4pm. Good Night All

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Bambi said...

Thank goodness you have health coverage...can you even imagine what these visits would cost otherwise? Hope Sage's temp is teething relates, that Maddie's cough is old drainage and that Kael's prednisone adjustment helps his numbers.