Friday, May 8, 2009

How fast they grow up

Kael got his first phone call last night.......too funny.....and I'm pretty sure they did not talk about anything important. Now that he has committed this phone number to memory....and gives it to everyone......his little classmate called him....LOL....hate to tell the kid now he will have a new one to remember in less then 7 weeks. Of course all week in the classes has been preparing for Mothers Day....I got a picture Tuesday from Kael that says Hape mom da.....yes I will treasure it forever because that is so him and his spelling right now....LOL. I have yet to come up with a gift for myself yet.....I thought maybe I wanted roller skates but have not fully decided yet, I should probably go to the rink up the road and see if I can still do it......but it burns 240 calories in 30 mins, higher then even running......hopefully we will get everything done around here tomorrow so we can hit Kings Island for Mothers Day......Brian will be gone next week for Warrior week, and me and kiddos are booked crazily ......HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYONE.

Her first pair of "kicks" black sequined converse all stars

At the park....her first time.....gotta get her a baby swing for outside, she loved it

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Bambi said...

I thought we weren't gifting anything for a while? Do they have training wheels? The bumps and bruises hurt/stay much longer now a days...don't bounce back like when we were teenagers. Can't believe he got a phone least it was a boy. Cannot believe how Sage has grown! She looks more like Brian now...