Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This Chick

Got her first scar tonight.....went with daddy to HD to get Grandma Diane a GC for Mothers Day and then to Meijer, well she falls in parking lot....skins the left knee deep enough to get gravel embedded in the cut....only now she gets her first scar and a "huge" rock in a baggie to take to pre school to show what was stuck in her scar. Tomorrow is school....can you believe in a week is her graduation??? they go to school the week after graduation to make up for the missed snow/wind days but the ceremony is still next week !!!!!! She has OT in the afternoon.....cough is 60% better, keep praying. Sage is still stuffy, still finishing her antibiotic( 3 days left) still pooping fire !!! Kael is now at a peak flow of 190 ( WOW ) and done with the predisone. I'm off to bed...early morning.

This was pigtails before I got her hair cut last its a inverted bob.


Bambi said...

Well, she had to have a "mailbox" injury to match her Mom...does she know about that? Did we also get Sage's hair trimmed? She's going to be blinded by the bangs. Hope everyone continues to improve...two graduates this close together...are we having any graduation parties? When do they head to Kings Island?

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Uhh no....but come on we don't tell our own stupid stories until they are old....LOL....No I can not bring myself to do the first haircut yet. Probably Sunday