Monday, June 1, 2009

I think its time ....

This is the hair ....def time to cut right???
I love looking thru my pics and seeing what Daddy has done to the kiddos !!!

For that first haircut.....I am hating it but it must be done. All my kids have hated mashed potatoes as Babies but not Sage, she loved them and baked beans ...LOL....what a combo huh?? We did go to Kings Island Sunday, all had a blast even got faces painted ( why?? I don't know it was their money ). We have our last Tumble bees sad?? Off to la la land


Bambi said...

It's past time for the haircut...just don't let them give her a bowl cut. Love the pic in the tub of toys...thought we kept all the toys in the playroom? Now the living room looks like the playroom. And she looks full of that a bump on her forehead?

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

No No just a bang trim.....those are Sage's toys they stay in Family/TV room....Maddie and Kael's toys stay in playroom. The whole house looks like a playroom....UGH.....Probably she has all kinds of bumps now that she gets up on her feet.