Saturday, May 30, 2009

Are we already in friggin Kansas????

After she fell in the pool....its all on video
Before the big fall into the pool
Attacking Daddy......they make a good team
Field Day at Pre School

Tornado's, they were everywhere around us tonight. The storms came out of nowhere but we got to watch all of it since the news covered the storm for 3.5 hours....LOL....but I love you WCPO Channel 9, I will miss you most !!!! As far as Maddie's teeth go we are just waiting for the upper 2 to fall out, no infection now but our dentist gave us a antibiotic in case we do get one during our move before we find a new dentist. These Goodbyes are getting harder, coming up will be our Tumblebees crew and Karate plus everyone at Kids First sports complex. Sage now has both top teeth peeking thru, and not far behind are Kael's....I hope his baby ones move because U can feel his adult ones. Last night we went to Ft Thomas KY for our Hail and Farewell from Xavier, Kids had a blast playing with all the other children, even Sage had a 20 month old boy to play with until she scared him off. All my children are very aggressive....she would take cars from him and push him, such a diva. Brian took the older 2 to see UP today, no complaints except the $50 it cost....LOL. Sage and I stayed home exercised and watched Night at the Museum, no I have never seen it, I am so far behind on movies its not even funny. Hopefully Kings Island tomorrow??? Hope ya'll have a great Sunday


Bambi said...

$50 for two kids and an adult to see a movie? Did everybody have a huge popcorn and drink and candy? Love the "after" pic of Sage with the stream of hair down her forehead. And there's that tongue. Sage looks like she's beating up Maddie and not Daddy. Glad the H&F went well and that everyone is safe from the tornados...get used to it...and practice safety.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

I wish.....we are ...hopefully