Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What I learned this week

Adding something new this week, What I learned this week, sounds fun huh??? If you are so inclined please visit and read the others or participate yourself.

1) That I really will not miss this neighborhood, while I love the 2 sets of parents we have clicked with and will miss them dearly, the rest are mostly full of themselves.

2) Your teeth exfoliate, well really your gums do. Maddie is losing the top 2 now, and the pain she was feeling is from them separating themselves from the gum......ugh.

3) BOA is a awful bank to deal with if you ever have a problem.

4) PCS ( military move ) is alot of pre move paperwork, Thank goodness hubby is doing that.

5) I have a 4th child, its name is Not me. Why is 5 the magical age for that to appear? Is there a class on it Kindergarten?

6) That when you have a yard sale in a neighborhood that has never had one and is mostly people who are full of themselves you will get "those looks".

Have a great day Ya'll

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gina said...

lol. great list! I had a yard sale a few weeks ago and sold most of my everything. Thankfully I didn't get any looks, just lots of customers. Good luck with your move!