Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pre PCS Yard sale over

We all eat cupcakes to celebrate
Her gift Barbie Hands
With her Teacher Mrs. Cadigan
Her BFF Kylee
Singing at the ceremony

I am glad I did it ( got rid of quite a bit ) but boy am I tired. Kael also Had his Belt test in Karate today and he is now a white belt with purple stripe, I think we have 4 more Karate classes left. I think Miss Sage has given me her cold, I can feel it coming.....she drink from a straw today .....but those 2 top teeth coming thru the gum are making her cranky, I highly recommend Hylands teething tablets. I just wanted to get on here and post Maddie's Graduation Pics since they are a week behind. Enjoy your Memorial Day.


Bambi said...

Sage looks more and more like Brian everyday...and looks like she enjoyed the cupcake too...had we just had a looks wet. Maddie's hands look so red in the pic with her teacher. And how lucky is Kylee with that hair?!?!? The Barbie hands are a little freaky...thanks for sharing all the pics...hope the cold stays at bay. Get some rest.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

I know does she not have the most gorgeous hair in the world???? red and curly.....OMG her mom had the same she said but it turned gray very quick. UMMM yeah you ought to come down the stairs at night and see them.....BOO !