Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy week

Brian just cleaned out garage and pulled all the yard sale stuff up from the basement. So for 5 days my van will stay outside because the garage is packed. He leaves tomorrow at 1500 to go to Chicago for the funeral with his brothers. He'll be back Friday AM to help me with the rest but hopefully for the next 2 days I can get some sorted....we had our CC # compromised or a retailer who they can't name where we shopped with our CC had a breach so our company cancelled our cards and we are waiting for new ones.....How do you say in "french" WTH??? That was your hint at who the retailer is. Maddie has had Tumble bees 2 days now....girl was killin with the push ups today...GO MADDIE !!! She has school tomorrow, then another TB make up. Kael had a Derm follow up....still the same rash around mouth no worse no better so we are trying another cream on top of the other cream. Sage is sick with head cold and teething still....pray for me to get a good nights sleep one night before this weekend.

This is what Sage does at least 10 times a day, take everything out of cabinets and off shelves.....then Big Brother or Big Sister picks up..

Fun in the Jeep


Bambi said...

Where are the cabinet locks? I'm sure Kael and Maddie are thrilled to pick up when they had no part in it. Push ups? Good upper body strength. Hope you've made a big dent in the pricing. Try to keep Sage up all day tomorrow so she'll sleep through the night so you can rest. How are Maddie's teeth?

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

No locks on cabinets with no dangerous stuff...LOL....let them learn early.....still wobbly but no redness.