Thursday, August 20, 2009

Am I Paranoid Mommy??

Hello......LUV some froggy Jammies....LOOK at the feet
Playing Horse race at pair day....look at those red faces
Bounce house at Pair Day
Mixing the Carrot cake and then they refused to eat it
Pancakes with Fresh Blueberries....her Fav

So this week during our walk with just me and Sage ( the other 2 were too tired.....whatever) we go down and street and come across 3 other children. Very outgoing, I knew their ages ( 5,5,and6 ) and names in seconds and they showed me toys, asked about my kids, etc. So about 5 mins and there are no adults the front yard....on a street and they are talking to a stranger ( me ).......I would never be comfortable with Kael and Maddie playing in the front yard unsupervised even for 5 I weird or are they the new norm???

I got Sage in for her 12 month check up on Tuesday.....shes 98% all around .....and then we went to the social which was moved to the bowling ally due to us getting 9 inches of rain on Monday and then it rained again Tuesday...and Weds....not today though, it quit last night...LOL. The kids had a blast yes we will have to go back. Today Maddie had to have her physical done for school and then we had her Open House at her pre school......I hope the teacher is more calm, or she was just very nervous tonight.......but she talked ALOT about "documenting" and unrully behavior and not having sick children and class and how this is all state requirements, ETC...I walked away thinking they have just been visited by the state board since everything was worded Per the state board .....hopefully things get better and more relaxed. After a dinner of Chinese Buffet ( there are no good ones here, we have gone to 2 and there are only 3 here ) we came home to remove all from Kael's room....his Bunk bed ( his Birthday Present) will be delivered tomorrow, he has no school due to Parent/teacher conference's. Hope Ya'll have a great weekend


Bambi said...

Looks like Pair Day was warm and full of activities....I was thinking it was inside. Are Maddie's teeth beginning to fall out or is it the camera angle that makes them look like that? How ironic that Sage is eating blueberry pancakes with strawberry
pajamas on ;O) Looks nice and messy!

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Most of the stuff was inside just the kids stuff plus food vendors was outside. They look like they are falling out.....they kinda protrude now ....maybe from her tongue pushing them out??.....I knew you would love her Berry Jammies