Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pair Day 2009

Going back up the stairs from Playroom, the playhouse door leads to a Allcove where the puter and homework books are a desk and chair.
Kael's Bathroom, he picked the fish theme
Kael's messy room ( which we are getting rid of all this since his new bed has a desk and drawers attached, where the bookshelf is...that is where the Bunk bed will go )
See why he got a new bed for his B-day? he is still on a toddler bed...LOL.....train table is now used for legos
From the playroom looking out into our garage

So for Pair day you walk around empty airport hangers with 2500+ other people in 95 degree heat and have vendors, churches and restaurants throw things at ya. There were grocery stores giving away groceries to people ( there was no way I was standing in that line in the heat ), tons of water, enviro grocery bags ( I got 5 ) food, pens, calenders, etc. They are making sure we know they are there ........I found the hospital ( got a bag ) but now I know where the closest ER is that can deal with kids, tons of menus for restaurants I would like to try, I found a town that does Halloween the way it should be done ( Haunted houses everywhere, even a haunted Trolley ) I found the "Plaza like" Mall of Kansas City....we will see about that....I saw Maddie's Pre school, got invited to the church and to join the womens 2 free weeks at the YWCA....learned there are bowling leagues for 3 year old ( got 5 free games ) met a woman who designs the most beautiful Jewelry ( hello Christmas gifts ) met a wonderful woman who opened a restraunt called Mama Mia's ....can't wait to go. I also learned the diffrence between Judo and Karate ( Judo is non striking ).

It was fun, I learned alot, the kids got tons of candy and toys, I sweated like a pig (lol) and now I'm gonna sleep. We did find out Kael is in Mrs Walsh's class and we will meet her Monday at the open house. Maddie has open house on the 20th and goes to school on the 28th. Miss Sage turns 1 in 4 days ( WHAT ) I got her Buggy and other gifts and we will have a Birthday dinner at T rex cafe ( they celebrate B-days like Chi Chi's and she loved that ) Night Ya'll


Bambi said...

I really do feel like I've been there with the fab tour you've given. Looks like we need a poster/print to hide the breaker box? And what's up with the messy room? Do we get allowance if it looks like this? Can't believe that the bathroom isn't Hot Wheels/Lego/Star Wars themed. Pair Day sounds like lots of fun but also very warm. And when did we celebrate a birthday at Chi-Chi's? Didn't even know they still existed. Where are the cars that should be in the garage?

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Come on....we are still waiting for someone to come visit....LOL. His new bed will cover it.....his room is still a work in progress due to the bed set.....we did not want to remove alot when it comes and then have to put stuff back up .....if he had seen something like that probably but since he can't see it it ....not a prob.......there is one in there now...LOL