Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just to update ya

I'm not the only one addicted to McD's Sweet Tea....LOL.
Daddy put up this swing just like she had at Therapy
Sage in her swing daddy put up

I have been bad not to blog but it has been busy......We found out the morning of the 30th that Kael got into on post school.....he will be attending Eisenhower Elementary, very beautiful school....and it overlooks the bldg where Brian will be. So we spent all day running around getting all the forms finished and turned in by 3pm......Brian has been busy doing Field Artillery stuff and he still has 2 more days?? They have already told him he will be extremely busy the first couple of months and then it should slow down. So Friday I went school supply shopping with my list......I am still not done, ugh......I also gotta get a lunch box .....what do people pack for lunches now ? Do they carry thermos? My BABY will be gone everyday 8:05 till 3:20.....ugh where did the time go?????? So I started Wii fit everyday and then I walk in the pm....usually with Sage and Maddie follows on her tri cycle Friday I ran 1.5 mile with Wii and then me and the girls walked over a mile.....and I ran barefoot and walked in sandals I was up all night with Charlie horses.....OMG the pain. Yesterday Kael and Maddie went and exchanged Wii and DS games they do not play at Game Stop and they got Wii Sports resort, not a bad deal huh??

So Today ( Sat ) we went to Legends ( outdoor shooping Mall) to use our 30% coupon for Gap and Old the kids some school clothes plus Sage, Mommy and Daddy....Then we went to T Rex Cafe which is a HUGE Dinosaur Restraunt ( there are only 2 in the world, Kansas City and Orlando ) owned by Build A Bear company of course there was build a dino.... all 3 got to build their dinos and Kael and Maddie are simply crazy about theirs which I never would have expected but they always surprise me . The huge sculputures that moved and growled kinda scared Sage but after awhile she was ok with it.....she loved when they did B-days ....all servers clapping....she clapped right along ...LOL. I am off to bed......ZZzzzzzzzzz

Before I forget ( again ) Maddie has been doing sooooooooooooooo Good .....she rides her little tri cycle everywhere even up steep hills which before we got here would have been impossible for her with her weak muscles but she has really kept up with the pushing those muscles and we are so proud of her !!!!!!


Bambi said...

YEAH Maddie! Way to go! Keep up the good work! So glad that Kael is on post school. Just wait until next year when you have two out of the house most of the day. Running with Wii? How? Just jog in place? I didn't realize that you still had the big red car!!!!!! How great!!

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Yes she was doing so good even went 2.75 on the tricycle ....I can not even put the remote in your pocket and it works kinda like a pedometer.....most of the time I'm chasing Sage....LOL