Sunday, July 26, 2009


Bring out the Slip N Slide
After I did Sage's Maddie decided
she wanted a do piggies
Yeah that hair lasted maybe 10 mins
Wearing her "swing top" and hair bow
Aunt Bambi got her almost a year ago
Sage with her Boyfriends the Wiggles
She has made me so Happy

Went South to a town called Lenexa KS but should have been called Cary or Pinehurst NC.....cookie cutter business all the same color, all the same shape unless it was old or historical.....LOL.....Felt right at home. We got what we needed done at Costco and got some banking done......BOA has a scanner in their ATM's for slip no longer needed and then they print a copy of your check on the receipt.......are all banks like that now???? We just got our new account open with another company ( USAA ) where we get to scan our checks for more running to a bank or mailing....ugh.

I did make it to the on post thrift store the other day, they are only open 3 days a week for 5 hours......I was a little scared at first cause it was junky but then a heard a civiallian tell his wife don't bother with that the good stuff is in the back.....What??? So of course I followed and TA DA.....a thrifty womens Junking !!!!! I did hold myself back though....I got a piece of Italian Pottery, Toddler swing for Sage ( which is under the deck ) and Kael a pair of new Levi's for $2........I have not seen alot of Yard Sales or Garage Sales around here.....maybe we got here too late......


Bambi said...

Ah, the Wiggles...brings back fond memories. Wonder where that Big Red Car is? Shoulda held onto it...she would have loved it! Oh well...remember I still have the VCR tape with the "special" boy...want me to send it to you? What is Italian pottery? Hello? You're from pottery country...why did we have to go to Kansas to but Italian? Or is that the funky kind that people told you about before you got there? Have fun at the cookout!

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

That big red car is in our back yard....LOL.....I could never get rid of that, how cruel .....Oh yes pottery country at a price.....U can pay that kinda money if U want but not me, I'm cheap. We have tons of DVD's plus all the netflix