Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tired but sooo worth it

Kael with his fellow " Beavers"
She must have said look at my Daddy
They were all "Tadpoles"
She loved Kael, wanted to adopt him....LOL
Kael's Teacher Miss Diane
Maddie with Her teacher Miss Bonnie

We ended VBS tonight with a potluck and show.....I am gonna be humming This little light of mine for weeks now but that's ok.......LOL. We were invited to come back ( which for my crew....all of a big deal.....LOL ) and go to service on Sundays. We had a great time and we were made to feel so welcome.

Last night we went out as a 3some again and had Chinese ......not buffet .....actual sit down....which did not bother me until Little Miss Loudness decided she was not hungry and wanted to speak....loudly.....and this place was not very busy.......hmmmmm.....buffet's from now on.

We got our Insurance cards today so hopefully I can get the Physicals done so the kids can get registered in Rec and have some fun. ...We are having a cook out Sunday with some friends that were in OH with us and are now here too. Hopefully Monday we will get to Worlds of Fun ( our new version of Kings Island ) ......Daddy starts Artillery classes for a week on Tuesday. Hope Ya'll have a Fab Weekend.


Bambi said...

Tadpoles and Beavers, huh? Glad they enjoyed themselves and we didn't end up getting food poisoning from the whole experience. Sit down chinese with a one year old, really?!? In what universe did we think that would work? Maybe she preferred Mexican again? And what's up with the "loudness"? We've discovered we have a voice and are going to use it? So sad Daddy has to go back to school? What will the kids do to occupy their time until school starts? Better hurry with the rec schedule!

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

As much as we traveled they are mostly use to Restaurant eating but Brian says the terrible 2's came before 1......LOL.....She is def a bean baby....she had more baked ones the 4th child will be gone and the 3 will get bored real quick......BWAHHAHAHAHA