Sunday, July 19, 2009

House Photos

5) To the right which is street ( Michala)
4) Looking to the left of our back yard ( Never seen these neighbors??)
3) Our house from the backyard
2) Our pool was destroyed by the move ( BOOOOO) so a whale sprinkler is our water sport (LOL)

1) Aunt Mary gave us this suit with Ariel on it, don't ya luv it ??????


Bambi said...

Thanks for sharing the pics...what a huge yard for poor Daddy to mow...and I know what he means about the patchy close to the house...I'm sure it's a bad place for muddy feet and the lower door looks like it might be prone to water seaping in if it rains hard? Love the actio pic of Kaal...and Sage is getting around so well. What are those things on the roof? Vents? And the wires seem very low on the street side (couldn't see the street, but are you on the corner of it and Stonewall?

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Ginormous Yard....LOL......lower door is high up but the house is leaning to the right ( foundation ) maybe high winds or ground disappearing .....Attic Fan vents ....yes we r on corner lot