Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last pics for the night ( I am tired)

5) small wall between Living room and Kitchen/dining room ( I swear Sage looks and says where is my 10x14 pic mom?????? ) Ughhh I hate it when photo studios go out of business and leave 3rd child feeling left out ...LOL
4) this is also foyer ( left side )
3) Looking out my Kitchen window ( I was fixing dinner sorry for the mess )
2) This is looking down onto foyer towards right of front door
1) I call this a "shelf" looking down onto foyer

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Bambi said...

How high is the shelf? Any bets as to who/when the first trinket/frame takes a dive? Nice use of space, though. Looks like there's a wreath on the door? Is that a mini Harry Potter bus out back or a trailer for hauling stuff? Look how old Kael and Maddie were in the 10x14 pics...her time is coming. But I did love that photographer! Thanks again for sharing!!!!