Friday, September 4, 2009

No Plans

Grilling out with Daddy
I bought this off etsy awhile back...ain't it cute???
She still has a baby carrier on her bike Sage was in Heaven

Kael riding their Plasma....its like a broken bone begging to happen
From our dinner at a friends house, this is outside with their daughter
they are the only house on the cul de sac so lots of room

So there is no plans so far for this weekend....except getting pics done Sunday.....Keep your fingers crossed that Kael's funky rash around is mouth is gone by then ....ugh....there is a Renaissance festival starting tomorrow but its theme this weekend is week its cool....Today all 3 were home.....4 day weekend for the schools. So we moved the living room around, tried on Fall/winter clothes to see what still fits and moved the train table into Sages room to put Barbies Dream hotel on.....maybe they will play with it now. Kael went all week with Green Bears ( yeah Kael ) Dance went well, and Daddy said Judo is very structured and well put together which is good for Kael.......the instructors take no mess !! Off to bed


Bambi said...

Love the shirt...was this shot taken before our bangs were trimmed? Looks like Daddy is staying in shape just trying to keep up with Kael....and he looks like he has a need for speed. Think he'll be another Ben Benton? Maybe we need to get a bike with the attachment for Sage? Their neighborhood/cul de sac looks very kid friendly. Hope the group pics go well.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

yes...short now.....So far so good on him NOT being a Ben Benton but he is still young ....we saw one @ the thrift store for $12 but only Daddy has a bike