Sunday, September 6, 2009

Maddie first Day Pics

Because I am soooooo behind in my pics....these are from Maddie's open House and then her actual first day. She seems to like it....I like her classmates, I like the school, I like the director and I like the church but I have not warmed up to the teacher or her way of teaching but it has only been 1 week of classes and I am still open.....Man look at the difference in Maddie's hair, I wish she would find a "friend" with long hair .......So we went to the museum today "Union Station".....basically a science museum....nice but just like all 3 science museums we have been to already .......I am bored with walking the I need to find a change of scenery.....Kids don't get photos done until Monday lunch time so hopefully the rash on Kael's mouth keeps fading the kids Astronaut Ice cream at the museum....they hated it....LOL. Maddie got a Diary as her souvenir ...but she keeps saying my Diarrhea.....LOL


Bambi said...

Thanks for sharing the preschool pics. She needs some shaping to her hair. Maybe even clips on each side, if they'd stay and she'd keep them in? Hope things with the teacher get better. Sorry about the Museum. Hope Monday is a better day and that the photo sessions is without issue. Take some time and get out and see Kansas.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Its layered and thats as good as it gets....too thin to hold clips....and she wont keep a headband in....I still have hope I will find a style.