Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh what a week......

Are they looking at each other????
Sage and her first sight of a Rat

These were from the park here in Leavenworth.....3 photos and I never got all 3 to look up at the same time....LOL.

I am so tired, 5 days of getting up early...whew.....just imagine what the poor souls who don't get a nap must feel like.....LOL. We just got home from Downtown we are tired and ready for some overnight showers to lull us to sleep......just had to give ya'll a picture fix.....these are some from the Science Museum .....Union Station.

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Bambi said...

Get rest when you can get it...won't be long before naps will be non existent. Don't know how you have time to post new pics/comments, but appreciate the effort.