Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Pics from Festival


We went to Lamborn Farm Monday with Maddie's school.....small farm animals that are now scared for life from Sage's screams.....why that child is scared of sheep's and pigs????? But she def has a career in Horror Movies. Today we got Kael's Asthma plan......Stage 1 is what we are doing now ( Flovent 2 puffs once a day ) Stage 2 is( Flovent 2 puffs twice a day), Stage 3 is ( Flovent 4 puffs twice a day ) and stage 4 ( go to Pharmacy and pick up predisone ). Of course during this I can try Albutural but he thinks with there only being a cough and No wheezing that the Albutural won't work. I'm just glad I can keep him out of the need to expose him to needless stuff.....I am exhausted.....getting ready for sale is kicking my butt. Good Night All


Bambi said...

Gotta love the smokin fairy....with the poor dogs...why would someone do that to their animals? Shoulda had Sage's pic...someone could have held her up so her face was able to peer through the hole. Glad you have a plan for Kael...hope the winter is uneventful for all. I bet Sage gets better with the animals....if not, better stay away from the zoo.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

I know ....tons of smokers here....As far as the poodles ....I have seen worse but again "poor things".....If U take her out of the stroller she throws a fit to get back in and by the time she wanted out the Battery died......I hope so we go North in November and there are dogs.