Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yes she is riding a Cow ??????????
My Future Volleyball Player
I know blurry but look at all her hair??????
From Farm Day....he was pure tuckerd out

1) Kael Flu shot .....done......and only moderate drama but of course then the boy spent 15 mins going around telling everyone it did not hurt too bad. Everywhere we go other kids talk to him and then I ask him who that child was and he has no idea?????????? Got to work on those memory skills !!!
2) We are waiting to see if Kael is going to get OT for his Fine motor skills ......his teacher see's problems with cutting and writing ( Still??? )
3) I am done with getting ready for the sale.......I drop off Monday @5:30.....I'm still finding stuff but thats just a bonus.....I am DONE.
4) Maddie is doing more in Pre School....starting to see where she is actually learning something.
5) It finally feels like Fall....yeah.

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Bambi said...

LOVE the pic of Kael on the couch...maybe we need to do this more often to help tucker him and the other 2 out? Hopefully not as much drama with the other 2 flu shots. Hope the sale turns out good and you find a winter coat for Sage. Bring on the "fall" weather!