Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Before and After ............

The red eye flash was blinding her...LOL

That one piece just needed to be brushed

Monday we had snow.....only a dusting but it excited the kids. Tuesday Maddie had dance and yes I had to buy new shoes ( I do not know who would keep one slipper but more power to them ). I got Maddie and I tickets to The Russian Ballet's Nutcracker on the 15th on post. Today got Sage a haircut before I made her blind as PaPa would say......LOL.....Got a Pkg of Goodies off to NC ( BTW....I went to a mail a pkg place not post office and Fed ex and UPS were both under $20 to get this Pkg there but USPS wanted $34 are you friggin kidding me ........make sure you check before U mail pkgs this Christmas ) and we get our house inspected tomorrow so I have been cleaning and for some reason I got a itch to be creative ( don't know why but I'll U know If I do anything.....LOL )


Bambi said...

Adorable dress....and did we change the size of the photos before posting? I can actuall see the entire pic instead of having to scroll across and down to see everything. Should have made Maddie pay for the replacement out of her own money...maybe make her more careful next time? Did we get a picture of the dusting? Creative, huh? Making your own Christmas cards?

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Yes I agree.....Kohls 75% off......Have no clue, I did not change anything. She did...........No and yeah right !!!