Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can U believe it is almost Thanksgiving???

Where did November go? We are all better just playing catch up ( homework, housework, shopping,etc ). I have no new pics........sorry.....its just been that kind of week. Thursday, Kael's first day back to school he had a accident in OT and boinked his head.......Friday was Maddie's Picture day @ school and I totally forgot so I apologize ahead of time for you that want pics.............LOL. Praying for a Normal week.


Bambi said...

It's just a fact of we get older, the time just flies by...soon, Kael will be driving!!! Hope he doesn't have your luck with that! Was Daddy trying to sleep when Kael and Maddie were playing their Halloween cards? And were we having "movie night" in the next pic? Looks like Maddie has taken over Kael's chair and Sage has Maddie's...she needs one of her own.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Bite your tongue ..............I can not figure out what he was doing???????? No just watching TV....they are 2 snugglers, love blankets and getting cozy.