Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day 2009 Remember Ft Hood Fallen

Little Corn Cob

Watching the balloons fly away
Playing toss with Sage
Face painting/tattoos
Making PinWheels

I think Kael is 95% now....he managed to play Wii Fit Plus this afternoon....Hmmm. Maddie had Dance and Managed to lose a Ballet slipper ..............Hmmmmmmmmm? When? I don't know? Where? I don't know. When did U last see it? I don't know. Do you see my battle here for my sanity???? Everyone is off tomorrow so I don't know our plans yet......Happy Veterans Day Ya'll.


Bambi said...

Wii fit, huh? Must be better. Glad to know...understand it really zaps you, so take it easy and get your strength back. A lost ballet slipper? Did we have it when we left ballet? Could it have been lost in the parking lot? Just two days and it's the weekend again...quick week...hope you get some stuff done. Please take a picture of the turkey with marshmallows.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Oh yes, our newest one...........this one U can weigh your Dog and include it...LOL. Yes its lost she does not even know if it made it out last week. Still working but I will soon.