Sunday, November 8, 2009


Maddie's Fall Party.............releasing Balloons with tags

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Costume ( Daddy did the poster, talented Huh? )
I just got a e-mail from Toys R Us saying the "big" toy this year Zhu Zhu ( a toy hamster ) is going to be there and each store will only get 50 so U must be in line before the store opens.....blah blah blah.....its a little early to start this nonsense. Yes I want this for Maddie ( it is flippin cute with all the tubes you can buy just like a real one but it does not die, stink, need to be feed or anything ) but I am not gonna go stand in line before Black Friday....Nope not gonna happen!! Yesterday we were @ the Dr for 8 of this cold.....still coughing/vomiting and then Friday she did not wanna eat, etc. So again ear infection but they are putting her on Zrytec to hopefully control the post nasal drip and keep her dry .......we go back after Thanksgiving for a re check and she says if the ear infections continue we will be referred off post to a ENT .....Yes again ....its a cycle ..........I don't hold out hope since the last ENT said it is useless to put tubes in a child over 4 and under 6, esp with Maddie being a mouth breather, low muscle tone,Etc. But as long as they keep referring us I'll try ....can't hurt. Sage is still snotty but shes such a good baby she just deals with it ............give me a pacifer and I'm happy. Kael had no school Friday ......he is out of Judo.....there are too many kids and the instructors are stretched to we are thinking Jujuitsu, swimming,or who the heck knows.

Ya'll have a great weekend


Bambi said...

What did the tags say on the balloons? Why did the thermal underwear have stripes? You should have gotten a pic of what he looked like when he came home ;O)

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Basically this is from so and so at this pre school if you find this can U return it and let me know where U found it. Because Wimpy kid is a stick figure with clothes on.