Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just about had enough of this snow

From Maddies Christmas Program
And the Little boy near her in blue shirt and Plaid vest, thats Aiden
Her Boyfriend............... :)
I was trying for a Christmas Card Picture and as you can
See the natives were having none of it ....LOL

Will it never go away ? They say we ended up with 11 inches but I say more. We are slowly melting though. Maddie ended up @ the Dr Thursday and they are gonna keep her on the Zrytec for a year since she is doing so well on it. As far as Bed Wetting she says she is still young ansd they usually don't worry about it until they reach a more "social" age but she did give me a referral to a specialist at Childrens Mercy to see what they think and say about it. I'm still thinking about maybe getting the alarm from Amazon....the reviews on there were outstanding for it. Thursday Night Kael's tooth was finally pulled free...LOL....he bit into something and he was in "so much pain" so I told him about Papa tying dental floss around our teeth and tying the other end to a door knob and slaming the door and the tooth would fly out....So he was willing. I tied it and Brian slammed it and out it came. We are all very happy now even if he does talk with a lisp and spit on everything. I scored a Zhu Zhu starter kit for Maddie tonight thanks MommySnacks tweeting the link. I also spent 30 mins driving around the parking lot at Costco which was funny since it was not that crazy inside. Maddie goes to the Dentist Monday Morning and we have the Nutcracker Tuesday night ( I hope she enjoys it ) ...this is also the last week of school and WE HAVE GOT TO GET TO SANTA ....Whew ya'll have a great weekend !!


Bambi said...

Was Aiden performing a solo in the one pic? They all look like were having so much fun (NOT!) You need to be journaling the perils of Christmas gifts so that when they are old enough can read how much trouble you went to...and the stories behind them all. I still think the outside snow scenes would have made a great Christmas card!

Julie said...

We've not had a lot of snow here and that's just fine with me!!! Merry Christmas!!! Julie