Saturday, December 5, 2009

She lives up to the name Monkey

Last night was the Fort's tree lightning and it was soooo cold. They lit the whole park...lights wrapped around everything that did not move. The houses around the park are beautiful old homes that were decorated beautifully and I will go back and get pics when there is not a screaming toddler with me. Yes Sage is sick with head cold so she is a unhappy camper 24/7 ( just kidding...its just when she lays down or has to stand out in 24 degree temps ) I can't wait to see the pics from last night esp the ones with Father Christmas where she was screaming her head off...LOL. We also got our H1N1 vac yesterday....except Sage who can't while she is sick....Kael and Maddie will have to get 2nd dose in 30 days. Maddie was suppose to go see Christmas Carol Friday ( those that follow twitter or Facebook I think I said Nut Cracker but I was wrong....too much Christmas on the brain ) but it was canceled since the class on Thursday were scared out of their mind !!!! Her Christmas Program is Monday Night and she is very excited about the singing.....I know we can video tape but I am not sure about pics since it is in the Sanctuary and at night ( plus Maddie's little Boyfriend Aiden has done said he is not getting up there ....period....not gonna happen ...LOL ) Kael's tooth is still hanging on.....and you can see the permanent tooth is trying to come thru ...its all swollen.....but it hurts to pull it so what are you gonna do???? Sage is a Monster....she climbs on everything and in you can see from the pics...she is stuck under the chair.....she also climb's in the dryer .....PRAY for her...Both Kael and Maddie had surgery @ 18 months.....Kael broken elbow and Maddie had her teeth done ....Lets pray Sage is different. She has a Check up Monday and Maddie has a Dr appt this week to see about getting her perm on the zrytec ( she has done wonderfully ). Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Bambi said...

Those pics will make a great layout. And that hair! Too funny! Hope Kael's tooth falls out soon. Wonder why the kids were scared of A Christmas'd have thought the ghosts of Christmas past, etc. would have been tamed for the little ones. Hope Sage does better with Santa than she did with Father Christmas. And when did Maddie get a boyfriend? Hope you're writing all this down for journaling the pages later.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

I know...I went to Jo Anns today...OMG its the biggest Jo anns I have ever seen the scrapbook section scared me....I could spend a fortune ...Thats what the pre school thought hence why they took the kids, sadly they will regret it for awhile. Yeah me too....Her and Aiden have been tight now for about 2 months....Young Love