Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Opening Christmas gifts from extended Family on Christmas Eve

Our White Christmas Eve

No resolutions here....who needs them??? My GOAL'S are to get Fit, become a better person, Become more patient, and to stop caring what others think. I am sure there are more but those are my biggies.

I made fresh collard greens today ( not like a southerner LOL ) but these were healthy and delish. Of course we also had Black eye peas ( I put a little too many Jalapeno's in those but still yummy ) and ham. Brian and the kids made me a Birthday Cake for desert and a good time was had by all. I got some great cookbooks for my Birthday and to help make the kids thank you cards I am gonna bust out the Cricut tomorrow ( I have never used it but got it for Christmas 2 years sad) .

Kael does not go back to school till Tuesday, Brian on Monday and Maddie on Weds so a very strange week ahead. I need to get Maddie a appt made with the children hospital about the bed wetting on Monday and I got to check on the 2nd dose of H1N1 for the kids....its due on the 4th.

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Bambi said...

Sounds like some good goals. So kind of Brian and the kids to bake you a cake. Looks like somebody needs her bangs trimmed. You had a lot of wrapping to do....sorry! Hopefully next year I'll be able to hand deliver the gifts (fingers crossed). Back to the grindstone...keep us updated about the MD visit results.