Sunday, January 24, 2010


Friday we took Maddie to the Dr and found out she probably has pneumonia. So we got a X ray and some antibiotics, they are suppose to call Monday with the results of the X ray......since we were there we got Sage some shots.....poor kid had no clue what was coming....4 of them at one time. She has been extremely grumpy since she is mostly muscle on her legs so it hurt. Maddie is coughing up her lungs....I keep asking if it hurts but she says no. Mine hurts.....feels like a elephant sitting on my chest. We are extremely proud of Kael, he got his Report Card this week and he is doing outstanding in spelling but not so much handwriting but we knew that hence why we are doing so much friggin therapy these days. But just looking at his work this week his OT is doing wonders for him....taking his time and actually neater work has shown up so again.....WE ARE SO PROUD....ok sorry I'm done. Sorry there are no pics but I have taken none this week....between running everywhere and now the sickness I am beat.....hopefully I will do better this week.

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Bambi said...

Okay, now it's my turn...WAY TO GO KAEL!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! He's done so well and the handwriting will get better. Take time to heal...get some rest, keep lots of fluids down and wash those hands...hope Maddie is feeling better soon!