Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 1 of Vision Therapy

We practiced following the ball with just our eyes.....not moving our head....they use a special tool, we will use a pencil at home. We covered one eye with a patch while we did eye charts. We are learning rhythm ....esp how to keep a beat or skip a beat when told. We batted a ball on a string alternating hands and trying to catch with either fingertips, palms or fists. We came home with a patch and our own ball on a string to work on all week.
One of his biggies is if you throw something at him he closes his eyes and ducks......it is something about depth perception so working on that is a biggie to get his confidence back. We also have some computer games on line to help. She wanted me in the room today to watch what she does which was quite fun with the other 2....LOL...Miss Sage was not Happy. I am hoping a later time becomes available soon but we had to get this started sooner then later. Since we had to drive 45 mins there we hit Costco afterwards....where I scored Maddie a Speedo Swimsuit for $12 ....the boy child has had another growth spurt so we are having to watch his pants since some are now high waters.

Yes that photo is him tumbling in the snow.


Bambi said...

Sounds like a very intense session of vision therapy...hate you had 2 tag alongs...if only I lived closer. Glad you got the chance to see his deficits and the actual therapy techniques. Nice they have computer games...sounds like play and is actually therapy. I also duck when a ball is thrown, but just thought it was because I was scared it would hit me in the face...didn't realize it had something to do with depth perception. Now I know why he had snow all over his cap!

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

It has been eye opening what our eyes are responsible for......at least it explains why I could not shoot someone standing still as my BLET instructor said.....LOL.