Sunday, May 9, 2010

Can you say Pink Eye??

So I get a call Friday from the nurse at school and she says Kael's eyes are acting up because of "allergies" so she cleaned them with Saline and sent him back to class, which would be ok but the kid has no allergies ( I should know we have had the poor kid tested twice now). But of course I get the standard response that medical people in Kansas give" even people who don't have allergies are having problems this year ". Now I'm from the south and these people don't know pollen ......come to the south, that's pollen !!
So Brian picked Kael up, they go get hair cuts and I get another call from the school, this time the librarian. She waits with the 1st grade car riders to make sure they get picked up, not hit by a car, etc. My first thought is Brian has forgotten Kael but no......she was holding a picture for Kael since he was already holding my mothers day bean pod in a can and somehow she missed Kael walking away with his daddy and she felt really bad since this was my Mothers Day gift ( along with bean pod in a can ). I love the staff his school. So Brian has to drop Kael off at Maddie's school where me and Sage are watching Maddie's Olympic Day.
So low and behold Kael is all pinky eyed, crusted over mess........yes BOTH eyes. So I speed dial the clinic and of course there are no appointments left since its already after 3pm. But they referred us out to a walk in clinic and of course it's pink eye.
He looks better today, but I think Sage might be waking up crusty eyed tomorrow. She was cranky with some eye "boogers'' earlier. Pray its not. I have gotten so many goodies....poem from Kael and a card and a bean pod in a can. Maddie made me a flower pot and tons of attitude to go with it .....she is def my Mom's revenge .....that child !!!
1,2, and 3 are from the festival last weekend .....I think Annie Oakley and David Crockett?

4 is Medal's from Olympic Day

5 This is Abby, she is the smallest and youngest in Maddie's class which is why she "loves" Sage so much cause she is older and bigger......LOL.....she's a mini Mommy

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Bambi said...

Looks like Kael has a faded bruise on his forehead. Who knew Annie Oakley used a pacifier ;O) This won't be the last case of pink eye I'm sure! Let's just hope no one else gets it from the places he went.