Sunday, June 6, 2010

I hate that feeling.....

So tomorrow I must start packing....stuff we need for 10 day hotel room stays, snacks, meds, cleaners......and I always feel I am gonna forget something and it will get packed and we will be SOL. Last time I forgot to change out the showerheads and of course they got packed and then we had to by new ones cause I was not gonna leave ours. So most of the time we throw stuff somewhere and tell them not to pack that stuff. Brian went around sanding our wall holes and filling them so he will paint them tomorrow. I pulled the girls shower curtains down today to wash them ( yes military packers will pack them wet/dirty ) and both of them fell apart....even the liner......WTH? I vow I will buy fabric this time.....ugh.
Our Realtor called to check in today......said the house was beautiful and they had even added upgraded mirrors to the Master Bath. Said everything was done but the sod, GA has had 8 days of torrential thunderstorms and its soggy and if we are not there we might get some Mole Crickets ( those sound fun???) or if it heats up before we get there and turn on sprinklers it could die. So we close on the house 16th and get to do the final walk thru with the builder on the 15th...I am so excited.
It should be a busy week with 2 days of packers, 1 day of loading the truck, day of cleaning and turning the house back over to the Realtor and graduation and get on the road. We should have internet this week at least until Friday after that I have no idea??

These pics are from last Saturday at Great Wolf Lodge KS......wish I had more but I am kinda paranoid with these 3 around water.


Bambi said...

Very "lodgy" decor. Glad everyone had fun. Hope you are able to get your necessities packed...sounds like you've done a lot of work in the past few days. At least you've got 3 years before you have to do this again. And what the heckis a mole cricket? Must be a marsh thing.Good luck with the sod...don't want it to be a waste.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

We Brian finished. Yeah 3 years Thank Goodness...the stress is making me a emotional wreck this time...LOL.