Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just a quick update

Well we are as packed as we are gonna get.....I'm sure I'll be throwing stuff around tomorrow but we can survive on what we have. Brian mowed the yard for the last time and cleaned the mower for the movers ( Military makes you remove oil/gas etc ) and also got the grill finished. He has to go in the AM for out processing and will hopefully be back by 1030 since I need to get Maddie to the dentist and make sure her teeth are not crowding. I must get up at 0600 tomorrow to be ready before the packers arrive ( y'all that know me know I am HATING that) ....hoping I can sleep in a little later Tuesday since Brian is off and can get up and come back here for the packers..... Night Night

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Bambi said...

Are you really able to "sleep late" with little ones around? If so, good luck Tuesday. Here's hoping there are no major damages this time. Braces should be fairly easy. Fingers crosses that this week is completly without issues. Good luck!