Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well Hello there Stranger

We have had no internet or phone service for 10 We made it all the way from Mt Vernon IL to Asheville NC where there were NO HOTELS with space for us so we ate a quick dinner and got back on the road and still could not find a hotel until we got to Morganton NC....long ( cranky ) night. From Morganton we made it to Pinehurst to see Granny and made it to GA the next day.
We did the walk thru and signed away our life on Tuesday. The Movers got here Weds am and unloaded. We have worked, worked and more work but it is 90% done. Brian had to go back to work on Monday and he has not stopped, plus they are making him a walking pin cushion with all the tests/shots. We are trying to get all our bills, insurance, kids stuff changed over now that we have internet.
There are a few things left to be fixed ( paint touch ups, baseboard nailed down, little stuff) We are pretty much alone on this end of the street except for the single lady across the street but another one has sold beside her and the one next to it is almost complete.
We already had Sage at the dentist.....she hit her mouth on the slide at McDonald's and busted her lip. Well as luck would have it the skin hanging from the busted lip got caught between her 2 front teeth......can you imagine??? So we tried to floss it out but no luck. The dentist who removed it was nice enough to take us because he does not do children under 3 and after Sage I am certain he never will again, but he thinks the teeth might be loose so he said let the mouth heal and go to a dentist in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we will be back to a slightly normal blogging schedule now. Night all.
1) We sure have missed Granny
2) Maddie at our first Hotel Mt Vernon IL
3) Sage first night, she was exhausted
4) Leaving Leavenworth....Same van, same color, same decals as me except she has more children and they are from Ft Bragg......Brian did a double take ....LOL after that I had to get a pic.
5) One last pic on our old steps......Goodbye Leavenworth.

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Bambi said...

We're so glad to have you all back on the East Coast. Very impressed at how much you've gotten done in such a short period of time. Can't believe the van pic...looks like they also had a dog? How'd you know they were from Ft. Bragg? I was trying to zoom and see where the license was from...kinda blurry. Don't worry about the need to spend this time with Brian and the kids while you've got the chance.