Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th

We have been busy. Aunt Bambi arrived Thursday and we went to the Salute to the nations on post. Friday We grilled out and tried to catch the fire works but we were too late. Saturday Aunt Bambi kept the kids while Brian and I went to the melting pot in Savannah.....yum.
We are staying busy trying to get things out away, put up and Brian has to pack to be ready to deploy anytime after Tuesday. It seems we find something everyday that has to be fixed on this house....and while they are small it is still annoying since I have to call the builder, who has to call me back, who has to call the contractor, then call me back to set up time....ugh.
Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful 4th and I'm sure once this week is over we will be back to a somewhat normal schedule.
Or Maybe Not??? : {

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Bambi said...

Miss everyone already...but had a great time...thanks for letting me come to spend some time with everyone. The drive just flew by...5 hours seems like nothing compared to Kansas. So glad to have you all back close to home. Get what you can get done while Brian's still here. He's such a big help around the house and I know you'll miss him in more ways than one