Friday, July 9, 2010

And He's gone

Today was our official first day of deployment and he is very missed by all. Sage looks around but I don't think it fully hit her yet.....but OMG is she being a BRAT. Some of today's highlights were her whipping the other 2 with a glow necklace and refusing to eat her dinner....that one was fun she took her Handy Mandy cup threw it at the wall where it broke....nice huh? Now this can be due to deployment, terrible 2's or just Sage???
Today I got the Mortgage finally on automatic draft, why it had to be so difficult I will never understand??? Got all Kids their Dr's appt's and get this I have to get 6 different appt's .....One day for only School Physical's ....back to back and for CYS ( Army YMCA or Rec department ) I have to go 3 different days. But at least the School Physicals will be done before school and hopefully I can get the kids in some kind of Fall activity??
Maddie had to go to the dentist today for a cleaning and I don't think we will stick with them. 1) They only take kids 3 and older which means I would have to find Sage a different dentist( not a biggie ) 2) The place is not kid friendly....not one toys, no mags, no books, no TV, and no color......I honestly was so uncomfortable it was very cold feeling. Very Strange place. The Dr was nice but she does not know about GERD ( why Maddie has Caps on 8 teeth) and would have to refer us out to deal with crowding of the teeth. So I need to check with a wife who's hubby went with Brian because they all went to a different dentist Weds.
Speaking of teeth.....Kael lost another one tonight.....that's 2 this week ......pray for me, I hate being the tooth fairy. Well I am off to the kids will go to sleep so I can sneak in there. These are just 4 of the 12 I took trying to get a decent you see what I have to deal with??????? Night All

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Bambi said...

Thank goodness for digital photography...glad you got some pics of the deployment. Better get used to the tooth fairy thing...Maddie still has a few to go. Sage will be through this stage soon enough. Hope the potty training continues to go well.