Monday, August 2, 2010

I do not need a 5 year old with a weight complex,thankyouverymuch

Today was Maddie's CYS physical and the NP who saw her asked alot of questions and was very through. I was a little thrown when she said Maddie was considered overweight or "a little heavy for her age" but they are not concerned about it since it usually evens out as they grow. Also she noticed according to Maddie's sheet she has always been "a little heavy".......First I heard of this?????? Don't get me wrong .......she has issues with Low Muscle tone and was always chunky but never would I consider her overweight has even been brought to our attention that she is gonna be tall probably taller then Brian and I. But what bothered me was this was all said in front of Maddie .....esp limiting our sugar intake, less juices, more activity, ETC . So at dinner Maddie is all worried about what can she drink, what can she eat.....which then causes a long boring conversation about eating healthy, playing more....blah blah......something I should not be having to do at 5 years I think she could eat healthier ? of I think she could run and play more ? of course.....but its not something she should be concerned about.
But thankfully she is cleared for sports and hopefully lots of fun this Fall. Tomorrow is Kael's Physical and of course with his asthma it friggin takes forever for him to be cleared but keep your fingers crossed for us. The clinic was packed with kids getting their last minute school physicals....only 3 more days. Sage has been having a time with Eczema ......she has always had it but since we got here she has had more frequent "flare ups" so today was Vit E oil which seems to have helped.
We also finally made it to the library on post, it was very nice.....not to crowded but Sage in a place where she must be quiet and can possibly damage stuff is not good....but the kids got some books.......and my wonderful reader picks out a bunch of Where's Waldo books......I will never understand that boy????

BTW......Can't you just hear her saying "whatcha talkin about Willis?????"


Bambi said...

What's the Willis comment about? Just encourage good more M&C as an entree, healthier options for bedtime snack, and the playset out back will encourage the activity. And don't focus on her, make it universal for all. Start now before it's too's a learned behavior and becomes habit...just make the habits good ones.

Ashley said...

My son has severe eczema. He has poor muscle tone too. He goes to Head Start and they said that the nutritionist said he was overweight. Which is crazy b/c he isn't even chubby. But they are comparing him to other kids his age and what they aren't taking into consideration is that he is also taller than other kids his age! UGH! So annoying!

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Sorry to hear your son has the Eczema too.....Did he do OT/PT for the Low Muscle tone? We did a year then they released her saying she was at the correct level for her age. My son is 18 months older then my daughter but they are the same height according to the Dr and he weighs 2 lbs less then her but he is considered low % ????? Drives me crazy