Sunday, August 22, 2010

Living in a construction Zone

It sucks. There is no nice way to put it. We figured by now we would at least have some houses on our side.....neighbors with kids would be nice. But ever since we moved in they have worked on all the land behind us, which we now know is gonna be another Cul De Sac road, so probably 8-10 houses on it. Its not even the house building crews that are bad its the road making, ditch digging stuff. Up there on top that is suppose to be the end of our street....nice huh?
This week Sage went to hourly daycare for 3 hours on Friday, she had a blast and was alot more cleaner then I figured she would be ( I strip her down to a Pull Up for meals ) after eating lunch. They said she followed directions well and played nice. Kael and Maddie are settling into a routine and are still doing well in their school work.

That lone little house on the left that would be ours.......the houses on the right only 2 have been sold and no kids : \
This week we are having meetings with CYS and medical staff about Kael's asthma, we have to have these every year for him to participate in activities. Getting ready for Kael's Birthday Saturday, and a teacher conference on Friday with Maddie's Teacher, I am hoping this is not gonna be a monthly thing : {

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Bambi said...

I'm sure the conversation will soon be "remember when we were the only house on this look at this place". I also wish there were some kids in the neighborhood for them to play with and do all the fun things we used to do. They could so have tons of fun with all the dirt. I remember playing outside until it was almost dark...and Granny calling our names out the back door..which we knew meant to get home. Fell so old thinking about the godd ole' days. Can't wait for Thursday!