Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sage Turned 2

We had my Sister Mary and her 2 kids here this weekend to celebrate. Her son started riding a bike without training wheels this year so I figured he was perfect to give Kael a little confidence boost. We bought Kael a early present of a big boy bike and in a hour he could balance and keep it straight. Practice Practice Practice.
Saturday we took everyone to Chuck E Cheese where Sage threw fits since she figures she should be allowed to do everything and not have Mommy every step of the way. We played Games for 2 hours and came home to Pizza, cake and opening gifts. We are a exhausted Household.
Thursday Maddie started with Sore Throat, runny nose and cough. Saturday Kael woke up with it and Today it was Sage's turn. So Back to the grind.
Hopefully We will get back on schedule and get some stuff done....including updating this blog more often.


Bambi said...

Hey, you do good to feed the kids, make them bathe and get them off to school on time...and keep the household running...give yourself a break when you can...don't worry about the blog. Glad everyone seemed to have a good time for Sage's birthday...cute cake. Have you figured out what you're doing for Kael's? Hope running noses and sore throats are better.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Almost better....At least Kael's never triggered his Asthma to act up.....I wanna say we have been good since May without a flare up( knock on wood. I know it won't be Chuck E Cheese....LOL.