Friday, March 6, 2009

Birthday Eve

Last Year at this time ......hard to believe how much she has grown. She had her check up and all is well.......Dr wants her to now go see a Bite specialist so if we get a referral approved we will be going there next. She got Chicken pox booster and Polio booster today......poor kid has me and mom's wash it too much and it gets red,raw and we are gonna try Eucerian to help her hands. We got portraits done ( yeah) I think we got some good ones......I was pleased we got in and out withen 1 hour......I should have a e-mail link to the pics in a couple of days. Well off to bed.


Bambi said...

What's a "bite specialist" going to do that the dentist didn't? Why wouldn't the dentist have referred her? Glad all was well. Hard to believe what we were doing 4 years ago....seems like yesterday that Granny and I were driving through the reservation praying not to hit a deer on the way over that night...and the semi-private room...what fun. Still remember getting Kael ready that morning...just a babe himself. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs and kisses to all....Happy Birthday Maddie!!!

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Bite specialist is a orthodontist with more training.......they will make sure its the teeth and not jaw alignment or muscles. The Dr has to refer for insurance to only pays part so you want medical to do it they pay all. I don't think Granny ever got over how fast you were driving.....I bet she remembers that....LOL.