Thursday, March 5, 2009

So tomorrow is Portrait day, I hope we are ready. Maddie had her hair cut Tuesday and she made it thru 2 days of pre school just fine, she also had OT today and is done with the testing part so now we work on skills. Kael went to school Tues, got sick at school weds so they sent him home and since he vomited he had to stay home 24 hours, so no school today either. The Dr office said no more dairy products until his stomach settles from the bug. Maddie has her 4 year old check up tomorrow, and Daddy is off so it will be just me and her for a change. We go to IN Saturday for youngest cousins B-day. Her Party is right on track and she is excited....hope to post pics soon.......I need to get Kael and Sage mouth shot......their teeth are coming in at the same time......LOL....its too funny.

Kael pushed into the you see her expression????


Bambi said...

Sage looks like she has a chunk of Kael's hair. Hope the bday party goes off without a hitch...what a great response. Remember to take lots of pics. Have a safe trip to IN.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

He scares her.....he does'nt mean to but hes just Kael.....LOL.