Monday, March 2, 2009

The House of Yuck

So Tuesday night (Weds am ) Maddie woke up vomiting and never stopped, I mean all day. Finally around 5pm the nurse called me back and said since she had not kept any water down or peed get her to urgent care for fluids. Daddy took her and they gave her 2 bags and some anti nausea meds. She was weak but on the mend, no more throwing up. After cleaning everything and airing the house out we (stupidly) figured we were done. So Friday I fell down the stairs.....LOL.....slid on some papers I had put there earlier.......just bruised and sore. 3 hours later Kael is in the hall throwing up Hawaiian Punch. Finally get him, bed, and everything cleaned. Now here comes mine........Kael and I were sick and in bed all day. Sage has had a very mild case of it.....she was mostly cranky. I cleaned and did 6 loads of laundry Sunday. Kael is just weak, he stayed home today since he threw up a little sprite last night but when I called the school ( you have to call his school and tell them he will be absent ) they said half the school system is out with it. I am so glad I'm not planning her party or having it here at the house because I would be in a He** of a mess right now...LOL. She has 12 friends coming so she will have a blast, she wants a Hannah Montana Scooter......why Hannah Montana????? I'll have to see if there is even a pre school one???? So I'm just here to give a quick update, tons to catch up on.......just pray we are all over sickness since here comes the warm temps.


Bambi said...

Hope everyone is on the mend...and just realize when one has something, they'll all eventually get it...including you. Are there stairs in the Kansas house? Might want to rethink that :O) Is that a temp. tatoo on the side of Kael's face? Maddie looks like she doesn't feel well in the pic and Sage looks like she just got over a fit.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

That was Maddie practicing keeping her mouth closed, Sage was trying to get on Maddie.....probably a temp tatoo....they seem to be the thing in goody bags this year. At least the ones in Kansas are we see where Maddie gets it?????