Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank God this day is over

Got Maddie to school, pouring down rain, made lunch for in the car, P/U Maddie and get to Allergist, first round wait 20 mins, nothing, 2nd round wait 15 mins, nothing. Suggest maybe its bad viral infections triggering these attacks. Leave there at 1320, rush Kael to school, get Maddie to house to brush teeth and to the dentist. They x-rayed her molars ( beautiful ) and the hygentist noticed the tooth she hit on the coffee table last year was puffy and red at gum line, they x rayed it and she finished cleaning....said dentist will be right here .....we sat there for another 30 mins waiting when I finally had to go, Kael would be getting off bus in 5 mins.....explained to dental asst said we will have dr call you....she called before 5pm, very sorry...blah..blah. But yes its abscessed...the root is about 70% gone due to impact....could fall out anytime ( she said this 6 months ago too) but hopefully it will fall out before it abscesses again ( after this round of antibiotics ) they can pull it but do U really wanna do that her???? So we wiggle and hopefully she gets a tooth fairy visit soon....good news all adult teeth still look good. Tomorrow is graduation so I'm off to bed.

I know the lighting was awful but she is patting them sweet

This is how she her stroller

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Bambi said...

Maddie has certainly had her share of dental issues...hope all turns out okay. Sage is too cute walking on her toes...and the pic of them together...priceless. Congrats to Maddie on graduation!