Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 1

So 1 guy came and surveyed .....get a call 2 hours later from our coordinator, Terry, that packers will be here between 8-9 tomorrow I guess that means we got 3 days of packing now we have constant headaches, I have a zillion pimples from stress, and so if U call and I bite your head off please forgive me ( I don't think Brian has one left ). Whats funny is no matter what I would still be stressed, I could be doing my 100th move and have everything under complete control but still be stressed until we have this House done, Packed and cleaned and turned back over. And then of course I get a different kind of stress when we arrive in KS....LOL. Today's whopper....Kids ped office is charging me $50 for a copy of Our records.....people not in military does this really happen to you alot???????????? I am still in shock !!! Off to bed .....Kael has a tooth filling @10.

Pics from Kael's last day ice cream party.....he shared with Maddie ( Brian and Maddie went )

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Bambi said...

This will all be over soon and be just a distant memory. You'll get through it...maybe minus a few hairs, but you will get through it. Just take it one day at a time. Yes it is normal for them to charge the price for copying...the cost supposedly covers the actual price of the paper/toner/time...I had to do it when the vet Nikki went to get that...why not just give me the originals since they were closing the office?!?!?! But I got them for free because Denise Hunsucker took a temp job there and was actually doing the copying and just gave me the copies ;O) Wish I were there to help...