Saturday, June 27, 2009

Greetings from Missouri

We are in Kingdom City Missouri the Ozarks......What is Ozarks???? Everything went good today....carpet cleaner was early and fast......Realtor was early thanks to carpet cleaner being early so we were on road by noon.....and here we are already in middle of Missouri, we drove about 6 hours total and have 4 left. BTW.....Hawaiian punch or any drink with red dye will not come out of carpet....we got stuck with red spots.....but oh well live and learn. We get our new house tomorrow and get to see our new town .....we are all excited. We are in the middle of a big storm so I will sign off......Have a great weekend Ya'll.


Bambi said...

Hawaiian punch....really?!?!?!? Who thought it would come out? How many "spots" were there? Didn't we just drink in the dining room when company was there? Oh, I forgot birthday parties! Well, you're headed off to new territories and new adventures...did we get to see any of the Ozarks? Hope all goes well with the unpacking and that minimal damage was done enroute :O)

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

This was all from Kael's stomach his room....hallway coming out of his room and 1 in the family room. No to much of a hurry...maybe sometime later????