Monday, June 29, 2009

In Kansas

We got here around 1pm, looked over the house with the Realtor, unloaded the stuff we had to carry in our personal vehicles ( aerosol cans, cleaning supplies, propane tank for our grill, etc ), tried to figure out who gets what rooms and how the furniture will go so we can tell the movers in the AM. Lots of farms and open land around us.....the wal mart here is a old small one but the biggest friggin Wal Mart I have ever seen will open July 15th....really people its HUGE !! But we go to small wal mart to get ice cube trays ( there is no ice maker, how will I live ????????) but they have no ice trays....really......but they had Paula Deen cookware on a 9x9 and 9x13 ceramic bakeware. So we got to base to go to PX to get Ice cube trays well guess whos ID has expired??????????? So now I have no ID ( they take it ) have to go back on base with Drivers License, get searched and try to find this place.....and all this took 30 plus mins so guess what was closed?????????? But I am still happy ......driving is done and we are less then 9 hours from no more hotels for is good.


Bambi said...

What, no Meiers? You have to resort to Walmarts? What time does the commissary close? Looks like they'd stay open later. Guess the to do list is still going...get military ID. Hope it's what you expected just seeing it on the internet. And also hope Sage enjoys here own room:O) Take your time and get everything settled in...ride around and get a feel for the place...and try to get some rest!

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

Meijers does not come past IN....1800 on Sundays. The list is always growing....LOL