Saturday, June 20, 2009

We are Back....let the stress begin

We had a wonderful time in NC, loved seeing family, could have done without the heat...or Humidity....ugh!! We got back to 10 voicemails from movers and moving companies....ugh. They will be here Monday to do a survey, start packing Tuesday and pack it on the truck Friday.....I think I'm ready, I think I'm ready.......I did get the kids Bathroom tub/shower scrubbed tonight, they had a rubber ducky theme for 5 years now....its time for new but I'm clueless??? What is good for kids??? probably no theme right???? I'm still trying to get thru hopefully be back to blogging tomorrow with current pics....LOL.


Maddie getting her ears pierced

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Bambi said...

Miss everyone already...glad the trip was uneventful and hope Sage is better soon. Good luck this next'll make it. Just remember to make the lists and take it one day at a time. Will all the kids share the same bathroom? Would be nice if the girls shared one and Kael had the other. Enjoy eating all the stuff in the fridge :O)