Saturday, March 13, 2010

Almost time to go.......

and I am as ready as I can be. Don't talk much about it ....still very, very hard to leave the kiddo's. Kael and Maddie have been told.......don't really know how much Maddie "gets" but I'm sure they will be fine. I think I will be the worse....esp since I am a See the glass as half empty type person. I always think the worst will happen ( history has not been kind on that one ). Hopefully I don't cry in front of them : (

Everyone is on "spring break" here.....Maddie's class was having class on Monday but since they have to have me at the Airport @2pm and she gets out @3pm and the airport is a hour away ....well you see the math? Kael got his feelings hurt Friday....I wish you could have seen his face when I was in the carpool lane....1st graders have a teacher who stays outside to make sure they all get their rides.....well she walked him over to the car mouthing she did not what was wrong with him. So he gets in and the tears start.........seems another boy brought a Planets book to school and it was bigger then the one Kael brought to school so the teacher let the other boy show his ( this is all Kael's story so take it with a grain of salt ).

Sage is just a friggin manic .....she never stops and she talks all the time and you can understand her and she understands you....and she amazes me everyday. Maddie has been on a "therapy" kick lately.....push ups, running and most everything Kael does......again she amazes me with the energy.....Wow. I am slacker thank you cards have been done, I still have to grocery shop tomorrow and I forgot to make Appts for Kael's teeth cleaning so hopefully I get something done in the next 36 hours.....maybe???

1 and 2 from Kael's school singing

3 When his group had their chance at the instruments

4 She got this for her Birthday and did all the work on it.....pretty impressive huh?

5 He has all 3 up but I had to crop it because Maddie's pants are coming down....yes they still do day she will get hips????

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Bambi said...

Very creative Maddie...and keep up the Therapy. Daddy looks like he has his hands full. Sorry about Kael's feelings...poor kid...hope we had a nice discussion about dealing with this in the future.