Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Maddie

Bowling was fun .....kinda like chasing a bunch of drunk little people......first 15-20 mins they are actually bowling but then they wanna run,chase, climb, throw a couple of fits . I was so glad the other parents were there ......they were a HUGE help.....again wrangling a bunch of drunk little people. Would I do it again??? In a heart beat......I have had too many "at Home" Parties and that is soooooooo much worse.
Tomorrow we get Pictures done and dinner at T rex .........and hopefully we squeeze some shoe shopping in there for Boy Child. Guess what I was doing before this......heat bonding not one but two children' s winter coats........If you have not heat bonded .....go now to Wal Mart and buy is my life saver....I don't sew and even thought my Wonderful MIL gave me a antique one to learn on I have yet to have the nerve to try. Back to the coats....Friday it was warm so all children went out to play ........and came back a muddy after washing both coats ripped and we don't have much winter left so I refuse to buy more.
It has been a beautiful 2 days open .......come on Spring !!! Can U believe we still have snow???? As far as friggin overwhelmed I am trying to read Home buying for dummies so my brain is frying people who have bought multiply homes I don't know how you do it......after awhile it all meshes together.....ugh.
So Tuesday at Vision Therapy they hooked Kael up to a computer to measure his eye movements and he is reading at a 4th grade level......ummmm WOW. But he does not comprehend all that he reads so they wanted us to switch him to chapter books and start asking more questions after he reads it. She is also very pleased at how well he is now doing....Thats all Daddy's help....after I got hit on the head with the duck/pigeon stick I was done with helping.
Well I have a list to do for our Realtor so I am off....Ya'll have a great weekend !! I will post more pics this week even if I don't have time to write !!

1) Before party....didn't she look pretty?

2) Yummm Pizza for starving kids

3) Can u tell they were getting bored....The boy in green is Maddie's Boyfriend Aiden....he is leaving for FL this Month.

4) Kael watching Dora on someones Iphone......again can U say bored?

5) Yes they are rolling bowling balls to each other......LOL


Bambi said...

Glad the party went well...Kael looks so bored. And why were they serving water? That poor kid got sat on a edge and spilled his in his pizza. Maddie looked very nice...she has your feet. Keep plugging along with the houses. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Kael,Maddie and Sage said...

More mad then bored.....but that's another story.....No Sprite or sierra mist