Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a Update...Sorry

We got our internet connection yesterday but Brian had to leave this AM for a funeral up in Chicago so still no pics. Supposedly our stuff will be here Friday, this is a new system ( that sucks) the military is going to so they can eliminate the jobs of people in Transportation ( nice Huh?) and have the soldier/family be responsible for the entire PCS and make sure everything gets from point A to point B safely ......because the Soldier/family does not have enough to do already....can you tell I am just a little BITTER???? Supposedly with this system you will be able to pick your Moving Company so after we get our stuff I will happily make sure this particular companies name gets alot of attention from anybody in the military so they do not make this mistake.....UGH !!! We did get stuff put on the walls and moved around yesterday but as for today and tomorrow nothing will get done with me having 3 kiddo's under foot. We did get to library and got Kael a new card, but of course they all 3 acted like crazies so that was a short trip. Everybody is healthy, both Kael and Maddie seem to be having growing pains...I guess its that time of year. Just say a little prayer our stuff gets here safe and sound Friday.

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Bambi said...

Hope Brian has a safe trip home. Why couldn't Maddie get a library card? Hope the stuff arrives tomorrow without damage, early morning and you get everything settled and put in it's place before the weekend is over.